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With his formative years spent in Ireland, singer songwriter producer Philip Morgan Lewis grew up in a musical environment, surrounded by blues and New Orleans jazz musicians. His stage debut, aged 10, was at the US Newport Jazz Festival jamming on the Carl Perkins’ classic “Blue Suede Shoes”. His main musical influences, growing up, were his dad’s vinyl collection & reel to reel tapes from the likes of Josh White, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Janis Joplin and Robert Johnson. After a few years playing and recording with various bands whilst studying drama, Lewis signed his first publishing deal and started releasing records.


PHILIP MORGAN LEWIS is a British Blues Awards nominee, he has taken part in the writing of a gold selling single by one of Prince’s protégée, performed in front of thousands at major festivals and city parades across Europe and headlined UK venues such as the 100 Club. He has written the anthem of a techno parade, created the musical identity of a TV channel, charted on BBC Radio One and many stations across the UK and US and has so far released Ten 12” vinyl house electro records under his name and various projects; 2 EPs and 2 LPs. Philip Morgan Lewis has also run a couple of indie labels, been published and worked with major record companies. His production credits, apart from his own records, include an album for Elephant co produced by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes). He is based in the East End of London and releases his records via UK indie label Moonalizer Records.